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Rescue Remedy         

(200ml) - $27.50
(100ml) - $16.50
(50ml) - $11
(25ml) - $6

Dose: A few drops directly in the mouth or mixed with water and given with feed.

One of the major considerations in treating for trauma - naturally after dealing with any life-threatening circumstance - is to deal with shock.

Orthodox medicine has no specific treatment for shock whatsoever - which is amazing considering that shock plays such a major role in health and the effects of trauma. Shock can dramatically alter the outcome of surgery; shock can exacerbate the complications following any injury by savagely depleting the immune system and adrenal reserves; shock can also produces nervous system complications and reactions that can remain in the system forever after a traumatic incident.

For this reason, the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is an absolute must for your first aid kit. It works by settling down and resolving the various energy components of shock - fear, panic, the heart-stopping jolt of trauma, vulnerability and loss of control.

A few drops of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy administered to both the patient and the person dealing with the incident immediately after trauma dramatically improves the outcome (it helps you make better decisions and to transmit calmer energy to the patient). It also effectively caps and unwinds the energy of shock spiralling out of control in the victim.

In a serious case, following the first dose, the remedy needs to be given again after a short interval, and then several more times that day and for the few days following.

Homeopathic Arnica 30c works to relieve the physical repercussions of shock in a similar manner.

My personal preference however, is to use the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, as I see it covering more fully the emotional ramifications in addition to the physical.

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