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The Team
Kate | Brendan | Lan| Ruth| Judith | Navniet | George | Cath | Robert (myself)

We have a lot of fun at Herbal-Treatments and I have a wonderful and loyal team of helpers. I thought it would be fun to introduce them to you who visit our web sites and who correspond with us in regard to your animal's or your own health problems.


Kate is another brunette, tall and slender and given to wearing elegant slacks and tops. She is the main giggler in our team and she is the most animal caring person I have ever known. Kate and her husband ran a small animal veterinary clinic around the clock for 14 years and she brought all this experience to us here after Michael died.

Kate is our small animal expert as well as having a very solid equine background, riding and handling horses since a teenager. She has a great deal more detailed knowledge and experience than the rest of us about small animal health problems. She has intimate knowledge of the veterinary medical approach to dealing with problems and she is the person you should ask to talk to regarding existing treatments and medications.

The love of Kate�s life is Raz (the short one) who is featured here along with his buddy LeCouteur who lost a battle with cancer earlier this year. Kate�s other much loved family members are Monty, a 16.1 hh Brown Thoroughbred, Hector, a Quarrion aged 13yrs and her 5 cows the oldest of which is 18yrs old and of course are all permanent pets.

Kate! Raz and LaCouteur


Work at Herbal Treatments doing: I am the new boy who recieves all emails, wades through the spam and makes sure client requests are dealt with, passed on but never left idle!
Why I live where I live: I live in my house primarily because of its excellent wheelchair access, room for my partner's classical music listening space as well as a yard for a large dog to live and play.

Hobbies and Interests: Politics, Virtual Car Racing and Virtual Golf, Reading and listening to Radio especially online.

Long Term Goals: Live a happy life.

Pets/Chn: One bull mastiff/ridgeback X and a new Shepheard X puppy.

Favourite addictions: As shown in H + I above.

What age I like people to think I am: I like them to think Im younger than I am, this is the only real advantage of living with a disability since childhood.


Work at Herbal Treatments doing: Jack of all trades
Why I live where I live: I enjoy the peace and quiet.

Hobbies and Interests: Ballroomdancing, cars, motorcycles..

Long Term Goals: To learn more about the herbal business.

Pets/Chn: 12 year old daughter,12 th old month old cat, 3yearold ridgeback.

Favourite addictions:Junk food.

What age I like people to think I am: Other people can think what ever they like..


Work at Herbal Treatments doing: I am the Office Manager and help keep the crazies that work here in order.
Why I live where I live: Mainly because my parents and siblings live here..

Hobbies and Interests: Walking, movies, Karaoke, Tennis..

Long Term Goals: To win the Lotto and play tennis but to win the Karaoke competition would suffice. (Currently coming dead last)

Pets/Chn: 2 Children who are sometimes confused with animals, especially at tea time. A blue cattle dog who eats with better manners than the kids.

Favourite addictions:Spending time with my siblings and kids is great as we all have the same mad sense of humour and all like to think we can sing.

What age I like people to think I am: I am just turning 35 but 30 is good. (or what ever else you would like to say)


Work at Herbal Treatments doing: Ordering and Packing

Why I live where I live: I grew up in Bathurst, I have family here and its a nice area.

Hobbies and Interests: Stamp collecting, Movies and TV.

Long Term Goals: * Be happy and well. * Find my soul mate. * See the kids grow well.

Pets/Chn: I have a boy Corey and a girl Kyra. A 12 year old cat called Princess and a 3 year old maltese terrier called Beau.

Favourite addictions:Chocolate and TV

What age I like people to think I am: What ever they think I am.

Name: Judith

Work at Herbal Treatments doing: Editing herbal websites, writing the newsletter as well as answering people email inquiries.

Why I live where I live: Moved to 20 acres at Wattle Flat 9 months ago., 30 minutes north of Bathurst.. Its old gold mining country, not fertile but covered with regrowth eucalyptus trees.. Plenty of peace and space for me to walk and breathe.

Hobbies and Interests: I completed my herbal studies this year with the same wonderful teacher who taught Robert many years ago.
I study the work of Rudolf Steiner with a like minded group of people.
Painting - I started having lessons last year and hugely enjoy the activity.

Long Term Goals:
  • Study to be a rhythmical massage therapist , sometimes called etheric massage.
  • Some how combine herbal work with my love for working with young children , I have been an early childhood teacher for 30 years.
  • Set up a preschool using the Steiner philosophy.
Pets/Chn: A beautiful devoted border collie called Missie who keeps me out of trouble.
Two amazing daughters one birth and one adopted from India. They are both petite and beautiful .

Favourite addictions: Gardening, reading and chocolate.

What age I like people to think I am: For now I am 44 ..and have been for a few years!


Navniet is our web master. She is passionate about absolutely everything in her life. Last week photography, this week color therapy and new techniques in search engine optimization.

Navniet is a creature of a different generation and of a different culture. She speaks 6 languages and is able to do 4 or 5 things well, all at the same time. I often find her listening to music, sending emails and carrying on several conversations in a chat room while at the same time doing the most complex script revisions to our web site.

Navniet has taken on herbal-treatments in a very personal way. She is responsible for the success of our web site in the world of directories and search engines and she is constantly changing and upgrading the style and content of the page.

Navneet and her husband Vicky in the traditional clothes of the Hills-people of North India


Cath is my partner. She is also a Reiki practitioner and Healer and she and I have worked on the hair analysis program together since we started, to provide this valuable service for difficult cases.

She has been involved with horses all her life and I rely on her for advice especially on training and handling and the effect of deficiencies in these areas, on the horses health and conformation.

Cath has a day job as a manager and counselor but her passion is dressage. Tarquin is her latest prot�g�. He is a 5yr old Cleveland Bay cross gelding whom she is working up through the levels at present and who is featured here.

Cath and Tarquin


Also known as Sandy, is me.

I am blessed with a loyal and enthusiastic team who in most cases can run the day to day herbal treatments business without me. I find myself spending more and more time writing and conducting online consultations with human patients around the world.

The team leaves me free to deal with my human patients and to manage and develop other projects. Currently these range from engineering and contracting to web based self-assessment counseling.

Robert at his desk. Click for more about Robert.

The Future:

Cath and I have aquired a 272 acre property just 10 minutes from Bathurst which is called Kellosheil Park and where we will establish our Holistic Equine Rehabilitation Center. This will allow our whole team to bring to bear their experience and skills in turning around the health of valuable horses whose health has broken down or have been traumatized or injured. We expect to be able to rehabilitate, retrain and return them fully fit in half the time normally taken with orthodox medical treatment, confining and spelling practices.

Kellosheil Park will also provide various levels of agistment, indoor and outdoor arenas, jumping arena, cross country and trecking trails and will be offered as a venue for all manner of competition and training events.

Kellosheil Park
Kellosheil Park

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