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Online Health Consultation Service
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Robert is prevented under the rules of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society A.T.M.S. (of which he is a founding member) to conduct online or telephone consultations with human patients in Australia. He respects and abides by this requirement, and offers his interactive Human Consultation Service to international clients only.

         Sit down and lets start.

What you have to do:

The first part of your consultation is a 4 page multiple choice questionnaire, which you should answer as honestly as you can. This will provide you with an immediate evaluation and self help advice. It will also provide me with important details I need for my analysis.

The second part is a form asking you to provide as much information as you can about all aspects of your general health and your particular problems. The more information you can give me the better.

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What reports you get:

Your multiple choice questionaire provides an immediate breakdown of the four main areas influencing your health and details of steps you can take right now, to start your healing.

Nowadays, I work with my partner Cath bringing her insights as a Reiki Therapist and Spiritual Healer to bear as well as my own experience as a traditional Herbalist. Together, we spend an hour considering all this information and writing it up into a full report. This report will explain to you the reasons behind your health problems and show you how they can be resolved. It will also include detailed recommendations on diet, vitamins, herbal teas and supplements.

I will then formulate a herbal prescription from a combination of individual herbal extracts and homeopathics to start the healing process.

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What treatments you get:

Your first herbal prescription will normally be sufficient for six weeks treatment. It will be concentrated liquid herbal extracts taken in water 3 times daily. In some cases, additional herbs either in liquid or powdered form will also form part of your program.

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What it will cost you:

I charge US$95 for the consultation and written report which generally involves at least one hour of my time in analysing your information, formulating the treatment program and writing your report. For the concentrated herbal prescription medicines I charge US$49.50 for six weeks treatment. If part of your treatment recommendations include other herbs or tonics which you cannot obtain locally, I can send these as well at the standard prices shown on this website.

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Followup Consultation:

After 4 weeks on treatment, and before you run out of your initial prescription, you need to e-mail me a full report on what changes you have noticed so far. Besides changes in your principal health problems, you should report on; vitality, digestion, sleeping, stress handling, circulation, skin health, pain levels, whatever.

From this information I provide a second written report and recommendations and I will make changes in your prescription if required. The second consultation and report costs US$35.

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Ongoing Support - No consultation charges

After these two consultations I may recommend you continue with treatment for 3 to 6 months to fully resolve your health condition even if all symptoms have abated before this. This follow-through is important as this is what ensures you will not suffer a relapse in the future.

I encourage you to report back at regular intervals while you remain on treatment and we make no further charges for our time or any further written reports.

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Iris Diagnosis and Hair Analysis:

For any of you who can send me close up pictures of your eyes, I can use this to support my diagnosis at no additional charge.

At times, if we reach an impasse in treatment, I might suggest that we conduct an energetic analysis from a hair sample for which there is an additional charge of US$77.50 For this you get a further detailed report. This procedure I recommend only if we get stuck in the progress of your treatment but it is a very effective tool for these cases.

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