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Heart Conditions
This is a list of Standard Conditions. Please click on the ones you wish to read about in detail.

Arrhrythmia (Atrial Fibrillation)
Angina Pain/ Heart Support
Cardio Myopathy Support
Heart Attack (First Aid Treatment)
Heart Disease Recovery & Support

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For your convenience we have summarized some of the herbal treatment descriptions. Please note, these are just little previews. To read all about how the illness develops, simple tips to prevent and treat them as well as home remedies, please click on the headings.

Angina Pain/ Heart Support
Angina, which is pain and breathlessness with exertion, is the most common symptom of age related deterioration (and also of course of coronary artery blockage).
Herbs: The mixture consists of the extract of a particular Cactus in combination with an extract of fresh Hawthorn leaves.

Cardio Myopathy Support
Cardio Myopathy is an illness where the heart itself slowly weakens and dies and it is more common in young people and children than in adults.
Herbs: A herbal tonic consisting of; Cactus, Hawthorne, Comfrey, Mugwort and Saw Palmetto along with the Bach Flower remedies Walnut and Water Violet to assist.

Heart Attack (First Aid Treatment)
A heart attack is really a muscular spasm in the heart muscle itself, much like a cramp in the calf muscle, which is due to a combination of insufficient oxygen being supplied to the heart muscle and a sudden increase in the muscular tension in surrounding tissue as above. This spasm produces a huge shock to the nervous system as well as the body knows how critical it is to restore normal heart function as soon as possible.
Herbs: The mixture I prepare for those who suffer a heart attack and which I encourage them to carry with them at all times, is made up of concentrate herbal extracts of Hawthorne, Cactus and Rosehips with the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy.

Heart Disease Recovery & Support
Folk with heart disease of any type will feel an immediate relief in terms of breathlessness, angina and vitality brought about simply by providing these health tonics to the heart and its support systems. If these people go on to change long terms habits that have contributed to their illness, they can look forward to making these improvement in vitality permanent.
Herbs: These include Cactus, Hawthorne, Parsley, Nettle, Garlic and Equisetum and the Bach Flower remedies Oak and Rescue Remedy.

Heart Repair Tonic
For a patient with a history of heart attack or heart disease or a condition which places an enormous strain on the heart like valve problems, prolonged high blood pressure or emphysema for example it is important to provide the heart with a tonic which will assist in repairing the organ as much as possible and provide it extra support so it may continue to support life.
Herbs: , Rosehips, Cactus, Hawthorne, Comfrey, Mugwort and Saw Palmetto along with the Bach Flower remedies Oak and Rescue Remedy.

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