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Childhood Conditions
This is a list of Standard Conditions. Please click on the ones that you wich to read about in more detail.

Abdominal Cramps-Tummy Pains
ADD/ ADHD/ Hyperactivity Disorder
Ear Infections Fungal
Ear Infections - Chronic Inner Ear
Growing Pains
Chicken Pox Recovery
Chronic Ear Infection
Croup Recovery
Impetigo or School Sores
Measles Recovery Support
Mumps Acute Suggestion
Mumps Recovery Program
Nose Bleeds
Whooping Cough
Vaccination Side Effects
Vaccination Support - Mumps

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For your convenience we have summarized some of the herbal treatment descriptions. Please note, these are just little previews. To read all about how the illness develops, simple tips to prevent and treat them as well as home remedies, please click on the headings.

Chicken Pox Recovery
Chicken Pox effects the central nervous system , itching is the biggest problem, it is very difficult to stop children from scratching... Causes of Chicken Pox.... Reducing distress of chicken pox using Oatbran baths, Chamomile tea, Hypericum Oil, Star of Bethlehem.......
Herbs: Maritime Pine Bark, Rosehips, White Willow, Yarrow and Hypericum along with the Bach Flowers Walnut and Olive.

Growing Pains
Growing pains, which are sharp pains in the long bones of the arms or legs or in and around the joints during our early teen years, can be a problem for some children.There are simple food substances, which support all these things including such grains as Millet, Linseed, Oats and Buckwheat. There are also simple herbs. The herbs I make up together to provide this additional support are; Oats, Equisetum, Rosehips, Comfrey, Yarrow, Nettle and Rue.

Nose Bleeds
A child with spontaneous nosebleeds is simply a case where these fragile blood vessels are actually a little too fragile, and they can break with a momentary increase in blood pressure or with sneezing or blowing your nose.
The herbal mixture I make up to treat spontaneous nose bleeds in children contains the following herbal extracts; Nettle, Rue, Equisetum, Yarrow, Rosehips and Comfrey.

Vaccination Support - Mumps
Mumps is a case where a stated risk of the disease is sterility in males. What is not stated is that sterility only results if a series of signs are ignored and not treated. If your child contracts Mumps before, as a result of, or after vaccination it is a simple matter to protect him against the danger of sterilisation.
The Herbal Mixture is a simple mixture containing the herb Phytolacca and the Bach Flower Remedy Rescue Remedy.

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