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Understanding Psoric Arthritis
Psoric Arthritis is an interesting one and even the word Psora is one from 18th and 19th century herbal medicine language and means coming from the blood, meaning taints from previous generations. (In modern day terms 'genetic' ). The other common illness of the same sort of origin is Psoriasis.

Furthermore, these psoric illnesses were directly attributed to the abuse of the orthodox medical treatments (poisons) of the day, primarily mercury, arsenic and antimony, used so commonly over about 300 years to treat syphilis and gonorrheae especially, but in the heyday of their use, almost everything else besides.

A taint from survivors of these sort of treatments was seen to affect generations downstream and the psoric arthritis suddenly appearing generations later in pubescent children, and often disappearing just as quickly as they matured, was a very specific indication. The next illnesses downstream from psoric arthritis are fertility problems.

I do not recommend any interventionist or long use of the modern chemotherapeutic agents, many of which are not really very different from the medical poisons of previous generations.

Rather, I can prescribe a very specific combination of herbs and homeopathic remedies which will support your boys' passing through this phase and back to normal. Further, they will in effect, break the link to succeeding generations.

I know the explanations above have probably not come to your attention in your research to date but I couldn't resist the opportunity to explain in some detail what herbalists have known for generations.

Robert McDowell

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