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Herbal Teas and their Uses

These notes are merely a printed list of first herbs often used in tea form along with some words to help remind you of the sorts of benefits to be expected

* Digestive for protein.
* Reduces Acidity, Arthritis.
* Assists to reduce allergic reactions. (amino acids)

* Stomach Strengthener.
* Immunity protection from colds and flu.
* General Tonic for rheumatic complaints.(Cu, Vit A, Steroids)

* Used as a digestive.
* Expectorant for hacking coughs and catarrh

* Demulcent qualities soothe the urinary tract for cystitis.
* Lemon barley water is a nutritious and diuretic drink.

Basil- "The King Of All Herbs"
* Likes to have its foliage watered as well as its roots.
* Gives off its aroma without the leaves being crushed.
* Deters flies.
* Clears the head and brain.
* Use it sparingly and at the last minute for culinary purposes to prevent bitterness.

* Sometimes called Oswego .
* Contains thymol which makes it useful for sore throats.
* Use bruised leaves in a salad for piquant flavour.

Borage "Herb Of Gladness"
* Promotes kidney and adrenal health when used fresh with salads.Chop finely after washing to remove "hairiness".
* The saline content helps reduce temperatures and fevers when taken as a hot tea.

Black Currant
* Vitimin C, P and Folic acid. Dried Fruit, Ribena, Rocket Fuel

Boldo Liver, Gall, Pancreas, Digestive, Weight Control. CAUTION.

Burdock Rheumatoid, Uric Acid. CAUTION

Catmint (Nepeta Cataria) Not the Garden Variety
* Used as a mild sedative especially for children who suffer from nightmares, restlessness at night. Better when taken regularly.
* A favourite tonic for cats.
* Attracts Butterflies !!

* Don't waste the water that celery has been cooked in.
* Assists rheumatic problems.
* Kidneys and Mineral Balance (Ph, Na, Si) CAUTION

"The Herb Of Humility"
* Vagus Nerve. Sleep, Abdominal Migraine, Allergies etc (A team)
* Chamomile tea ensures a soothed digetsive system and a good nights sleep.
* Mild enough to be used for children and babies.
* Add it to bath water to reduce redness and inflammation of the skin, including sunburn.
* Used as a rinse for a hair tonic,highlighting and perfuming blonde hair.
* Put any left over tea on the compost to keep it sweet.

* Used in the floral clock as flowers open at sunrise and close at 2 pm.
* Leaves align themselves to the north -it is said to have great life giving qualities.
* Can be eaten as a vegetable.
* Used in conjunction with coffee to provide support to the liver.

* Flavour, Clear the Head (brain)
* Cleanses the mouth and throat and can cure nausea if sipped slowly when warm.
* May prevent and alleviate the symptoms of colds.

Bronchial. Tea and Smoked.

Corn Silk
* Soothing for urinary complaints, cystitis and UTI
* Only useful when still green

Couch Grass
* CAUTION This is not the couch grass that grows in our lawns.
* Diuretic and Bladder Sphincters

* Liver, Kidney and Gall Support
* Acne, Allergies, Hepatitis, Chemotherapy (A Team)
* Use leaves in salads and juices.
* More potent in spring and summer

Dill Seed
* Colic, wind-dispeller (dill water)
* Gassy with Cucumber Cabbage etc.
* Used for fretful infants-carminative.

Elder Flower
* A refreshing Tonic, Endocrine Balance, Soothing, * Stimulating and astringent as a skin cosmetic (A Team)

* Respiratory - use as inhalant.
* Helps remove Fleas from animal sleeping areas

* Liver and Pancreas. Eye lotion. Wt Control

* Lymphatic - aid in digestion of fats.
* Sinus.
* Skin, Diaphoretic (choline and lecithin)
* Brings down a fever, take with garlic and echinacea.

* Aids Digestion.
* Reduces flatulence.

* Pituitary Stimulant -can create a feeling of wellbeing.
* This herb does not always have the same effect on all people.

Golden Seal Mucosa Tonic, Digestive Spring Clean CAUTION

* Heart and Circulation. Safe Cardiac Tonic.

* Iron Copper and Vitimin C added to Rosehips.

* Relaxant, Releases Nervous System Tension
* Some say if drunk first thing in the morning it will help a hangover headache.
* Usedas a poultice for boils and bruises.

* A strong tea from leaves and flowers can reduce catarrh and congestion of the throat and nose.
* For the pain and bruising of black eyes a bunch of leaves in a muslin bag, immersed in boiling water and placed as hot as possible on the eye can reduce swelling and discolouration.

* Oedema, Cystitis, (K) Blend with Celery and Barley.
* Diuretic.

* Vitimin C, Enzymes, Astringent Tonic
* A few sips of lemon tea can stop stubborn hiccoughs.
* Therapeutic aid to prevent clotting.

Lemon Balm
"The Scholars Herb" * Powerfully attracts bees.
* Taken daily to improve memory and improve understanding of students.
* Diaphoretic, Over Heating- can be added to cool summer drinks along with mint to cool you down
* The leaves make a poultice for boils.

Lemon Grass
* Used for clear skin and bright eyes.
* Use as a night cap with a little honey and lemon.

* Laxative. * Adrenal Exhaustion, Cortisone Antidote. * Soothing for stomach ulcers

* Relaxant, Wind Down.

* Adds a celery flavour to stews and salads.
* May be used in the bath for its deodorizing qualities.
* A tea is helpful for rheumatic conditions, to stimulate the kidneys and remove waste products.

* Smooth muscle and heart tonic.
* Satisfying enough to take the place of a carbohydrate snack.
* Helps one think clearly.

* Digestive , aids in the bringing up of wind.
* Mouth wash-for sore gums and tongue.
* Cosmetic skin improvers when used as a lotion.

* Iron, Arterial Tonic, Anaemia, Low BP (A Team).
* Assists burns, insect bites ans skin irritations.
* May comfort rheumatic pains.

Parsley Tonic, CAUTION

Penny Royal
* Deterent to ants and their nests.
* Acts as a flea and mosquito repellent.
* A tea is helpful for depression with honey and a slice of orange.
* Garnish new potatoes with a few chopped leaves.

* May discourage the smoking habit for those anxious to stop.
* Wineglassful doses for diarrhea and haemorroids.
* Soothing for toothache when held in the mouth.

Raspberry Leaves
* Tones uterine Ligaments, pre, during and post birthing

Red Clover
* Spleen, Minerals and Blood Tonic, Cysts. CAUTION

* Set the seed on Good Friday.
* Eases aching muscles when used in the bath.
* Rub oil lightly on temples to aid memory.
* Use as a final tonic rinse for hair .
* Rubbing on the oil can reduce dandruff.

-"Herb Of Grace"
* Treat with care when handling as it can be inflammatory for sensitive skin.
* A weak tea can be taken internally and also used as an eye bath.
* Strengthens blood vessels including those in the eye.
* An insect repellent in the garden.

* Best used fresh for culinary use.
* A tea strengthens the brain, memory and senses.
* Eat Sage leaves on bread with butter every day.
* Use as a rinse and tonic to darken grey hair.
* Cerebro Circulatory Tonic, Blood Brain

* Low or inefficient hormone production. Both sexes.

* A nonhabit forming safe laxative for anyone , following surgery, travelling etc.

Slippery Elm
* Muselage, Ulcers, Baby Food (A Team)

* A tea from flowers and leaves can expell round worms from animals and humans.
* Dried crumbled leaves can keep moths away.
* Tea reduces bodily weakness and limb pain following the flu.
* Withstands grimy air and smog.
* Planted among roses can deter aphids.

* Rub Thyme oil on temples for headache resulting from tension and strain.
* A very powerful antiseptic.
* For sore throats and colds.
* An aid for singers and speakers,

* It has very unpleasant taste and aroma.
* Valerain has strong sedative qualities in its roots.NB. they need to be dried and powdered before use.
* Strengthening to the nerves assisting the body to send calm and relaxed messages.
* Growing it draws earth worms close by.
* Rotten Vegetation, (Mag Phos) (A Team)

"A Sacred Herb" * Soldiers Herb- closes and heals wounds and cuts. It is a natural Styptic.
* Emergency Pick - me - up.Have a cup when you wake up feeling ghastly.
* A tea of leaves taken very night before bed can break chronic cold symptoms, reduce a fever and prevent cramp after exercise in cold weather.
* A cup of tea can stop nose bleed.
* Used with Comfrey chopped into the compost for quick activation.

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