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Colloidal Silver in the Post Antibiotic Era
The discovery of antibiotics was considered the most important breakthrough in medicine this Century. Beginning with the introduction of penicillin in the early 1940's and the dramatic evidence of infection control in Hospitals and during the Second World War one disease after another fell to the constant onslaught of new and more powerful antibiotics. It was believed in those days that mankind could conquer for all time, many of the infectious diseases, which had plagued us for centuries.

After the War, research on these drugs quickly showed up the problem of "drug resistance" and as a result, for the first few years antibiotics were prescribed with caution.

Bacteria it turned out were difficult to conquer. They are the oldest life form on the Earth and they have survived, and thrive, virtually everywhere precisely because they are adaptive, that is to say they are capable of changing themselves in response to a hostile environment. When bacteria are constantly exposed to antibiotics, they will do what they do best; they adapt. If only a single bacterium manages to survive an antibiotic attack, that organism can produce over 16,000,000 offspring within 24 hours and most of these will inherit the ability to resist that particular drug.

The post war era also saw the emergence of the modern multi-national pharmaceutical company and quite quickly they were falling over themselves to manufacture, promote and distribute antibiotics worldwide. What followed during the next 40 years can only be described as the ruthless and irresponsible over-prescription and exploitation of these marvellous drugs by the medical profession and the multi-national drug companies.

By the 1970's antibiotics were routinely prescribed by most General Practitioners, for viral infections ("just in case they develop into a bacterial infection"), they were included in stock feed programs not only for disease control but because they improved weight gain and they were being pumped into hospitals at alarming rates. It was during the same era that the first MDR (Multi Drug Resistant), strains of bacteria started to appear in Hospitals. The most commonly known of these is 'Golden Staph' which was the first of the new man made "super bugs".

Our faith in modern science was so strong that we believed the Drug Companies when they said that we shouldn't worry, they "Would be able to come up with new drugs faster than bacterium became resistant to them".

Of course this was nonsense. All the Scientists knew it; Government Agencies knew it; Hospital Administrators knew it; and the Medical Profession knew it. It suited all these agencies however to ignore the emerging problem because the "bottom line" was so healthy that they certainly were not going to "kill the goose that was laying the golden eggs".

As a result of Corporate and Government Irresponsibility then, 1997 saw the dawn of the Post Antibiotic Era. Antibiotics, properly and responsibly used could have served mankind for a thousand years. Instead, in a mere 50 years, we have abused and wasted them to the extent that Hospitals are extremely dangerous places to go to. Viruses and bacterium are crossing species lines and we are facing a disaster of plague proportions in the return of new improved versions of the old killer diseases.

Still we are not being told of the extent of the problem. There are Hospitals, which are being closed, and burned down overseas, because they have lost control of resistant infections. We are also not being told that there are alternatives. There are numerous ways of improving our immunity to infection known by mankind since the dawn of time. Garlic can cure Pneumonia and Typhoid and was regularly used for this purpose since mesopotamian times.

Preparations of silver were used throughout the middle ages and proved to be an natural broad-spectrum antibiotic. In fact, while most antibiotic drugs are effective against a select few types of bacteria, colloidal silver has been shown to kill over 650 different types of disease causing bacteria and many viruses as well. Silver is also non-toxic and does not product resistant strains of bacteria.

The body cannot utilise metallic silver and it must be converted to the colloidal state in order to be absorbed. A colloid is a suspension of minute particles of the metal (each particle consisting of about 15 atoms) in water. In this state, silver can be easily absorbed and utilised by the body to fight bacterial and viral infections. Indeed, some scientists believe that silver is necessary for the proper functioning of the normal immune system.

Before 1938, colloidal silver was manufactured by mechanical methods producing a very poor quality colloid. Nowadays we can produce it using a simple electrolytic process where a few hundred dollars worth of equipment and materials can produce an almost endless supply of 5 to 10 ppm (parts per million) colloidal silver suspension in pure water. We are therefore in a position to manufacture our own antibiotics at home and in our hospitals. These compounds can be also used to sterilise our homes and our hospitals when used as a spray.

It is not hard to see why the multi-nationals are not interested in telling us about this material. It is harder to see why medical scientific institutions and bureaucracies are not interested. As usual it is left for the alternative medical field to keep the flame burning until some orthodox institution makes a major announcement claiming a "breakthrough" and this wont happen until they figure out a way to make big bucks out of colloidal silver.

Robert McDowell
Medical Herbalist

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